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    Ethan Hutchinson

    I  believe that good furniture design is based on three basic principles.  Design without ego.  Design with respect for the materials.  Design for the future.
    Designing without ego to me means designing without a focus on originality for its own sake.  I draw inspiration for my designs on the efforts of both past traditional and contemporary designers.  My designs build on the details from the enormous body of existing work.  Respecting the past, not reinventing the wheel, but combining seemingly disparate elements into new and wonderful designs.  I am present with the piece and focus on its place in the design collective, allowing all its elements to reflect what they really are, and in doing so, hopefully create something pleasing.
    Wood has many limitations and building pieces for comfort and durability poses many additional challenges.  Given that I find it liberating to have a whole other level of creativity surrounding the engineering elements of structure and the movement of wood.  Even though the tree is long since alive, wood still has organic living properties that must be recognized and respected.
    I believe that designing for the future lies in the past and present.  Being aware of the designs that have stood the test of time vs. the current trends of design and materials is quite difficult.  Every generation of woodworkers advances the craft to some degree and it is in this slow evolution of design that I have placed myself.  I'm not looking towards the future to seek out what the latest trend will be or trying to anticipate what direction design might take.  I am working in the present with the materials at hand drawing from all that I see now and from the past.  I am trying to combine and create in a way that will allow my designs to be present as well as useful for future generations.
    Ethan Hutchinson



    Marta offers original custom jewelry by Jill Lueders and Wendy Mather.  Our pieces combine natural materials such as lava, mother of pearl, abalone, bone, coral, and semi-precious stones.  Please see our complete collection of one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets and earrings at Marta Designs.
    Originally from Michigan, Jill (aka Adult Indigo Child/Rainbow Brite) has a professional background working in consulting and technology at various financial institutions. She spent 10 years in Chicago before moving to Denver in 1999.  In addition to cooking and gardening, she enjoys silversmithing and making jewelry to bring out her natural creative talents.  Jill consistently makes glamorous new designs that flatter every occasion.
    Living all over the Gulf Coast and West Coast, Wendy settled in Denver to finish her Masters of Architecture degree in 1994.  She also studied sculpture, painting, drawing, ceramics, music, photography, and video.  She started her Modern Residential Architecture practice in 2000.  Having her own business allowed her the time to become an electronics/tech- house dj and to experiment with jewelry design.  She likes to incorporate space, movement, and sacred geometry into the pieces which become wearable art.  Wendy and Jill combined forces in 2006 to create Marta and are now ready to take their jewelry business to a whole new level!
    To see details to attend our upcoming shows or to view our complete collection of one-of-a-kind pieces, please visit Marta Designs.
    Feel Fabulous!
    Jill and Wendy