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    What are the characteristics of your concrete?

    Since concrete is a handcrafted product made mostly of natural materials, no two surfaces or objects will be exactly alike.  The properties of concrete cause natural color variations that result in a mottled appearance on the surfaces.  With our process of poured concrete, some furniture and larger objects with vertical edges will show the natural movement of the concrete through the mold.  Smaller objects, such as accents and accessories, also have varying degrees of pitting, which is a typical characteristic on most surfaces.  Each cast that we do captures a moment in time, so you should expect variations in color and mottling from the sample you selected- this makes every concrete piece a unique element of functional art!

    What other materials do you use with the concrete?

    We incorporate various types of natural materials into our designs, such as wood.  Wood, concrete, and all natural materials exhibit variations from piece to piece.  Since we use a lot of natural materials, each design we create will have a unique look and feel to it.  You shouldn’t expect your purchase to look exactly as it does in the photo, so look forward to a one-of-a-kind creation!

    How are the colors made?

    Some of our colors are integrated, and some are acid stains.  Integrated colors are a blend of pigments combined with our concrete mix.  Acid stains are applied to the surface of the concrete, and involve a chemical reaction that results in unique variations of color that differ from piece to piece.  Both techniques show natural variations of color on horizontal and vertical faces.  Because our product is handmade and our mix design is composed mostly of natural materials, the color of your finished product may vary slightly from the sample you chose.  Most products have a link to order a sample set with color and material to get a feel for what to expect.

    What do NE and WE mean next to the color names?

    Some colors have no exposure (noted as "NE" after the color name), and some we grind down the surface to expose the aggregate, indicated as “WE” (With Exposure).  WE colors will have a flecked appearance and show the natural colors of the aggregate in the concrete mix.

    How long does it take to receive my order?

    Accents and Accessories usually ship within 1 week.  Furniture and Fixtures usually ship within 4-6 weeks.  All Featured Artist creations are custom ordered, so lead times will vary.

    Will there be any joints or seams in my concrete?

    This will depend on the design.  Most products are cast as one piece with integrated edge details, sinks, backsplashes, etc, however, some designs may require or incorporate a joint or seam.  If a joint is necessary, click here to read simple instructions on how to adhere unattached pieces, such as a backsplash.  If a seam is necessary, seam resin or caulking will be included in your order along with installation instructions.

    How can we clean and maintain our concrete furniture on a regular basis?

    For concrete furniture that is used often, such as a dining table or bathroom fixture, you will want to clean these areas with soapy water or a neutral non-abrasive cleaning product, such as Simple Green.  For a light buff, use any non-abrasive oil based cleaner, such as Pledge or Armor All.  You can even polish with olive oil to maintain a showroom look.

    Are the Accents & Accessories food/ dishwasher/ or microwave safe?

    No.  Our smaller products are not designed for food purposes or to withstand the harsh environment of a dishwasher or microwave.  You may use soapy water to clean the surface of the concrete, or use Pledge, Armor All or olive oil to give them a quick shine.

    Does your concrete stain?

    We protect all concrete creations that will be used in a kitchen, dining, or bath area with our Resilient Sealer that completely protects against staining.  Most smaller objects (i.e. Accents and Accessories) do not require a stain protectant, and may not have this surface sealer applied.

    Is Concrete Revolution [Studio] concrete considered “green”?

    To maintain our commitment to the environment, we have created a mix design incorporating cement that uses considerably less energy to compose and grind, and provides 62% less gas emissions than most cements accumulate.  We use this mix to cast the majority of our products at Concrete Revolution Studio, and some even qualify for LEED points from the U.S. Green Building Council.

    Is your surface sealer environmentally friendly?

    Yes!  Our Resilient Sealer produces only a limited amount of outgassing during the curing process and has very low VOCs.  This makes it not only a great stain protectant, but also a safe choice for your health and the environment!

    How much will my furniture weigh?

    We use a lightweight aggregate in our mix, so our concrete only weighs about 15 lbs. per square foot at 1 5/8” thick (most furniture that has a thickened edge look is actually 1 5/8” thick behind the edge).  See your product’s specification page for an estimated weight of your furniture piece.

    How do I adhere unattached pieces that came with my furniture?

    Some furniture pieces require easy assembly.  For example, to attach a concrete backsplash, simply glue the backsplash down vertically with construction adhesive that may be purchased at any local hardware store.  If your install requires further direction, instructions will be included with the delivery.

    What is your Return Policy?


    Changed your mind?  No problem.  If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we will exchange, credit, or refund the cost of the item.  Simply return unused items in their original packaging within 30 days of delivery.  We take all precautions to package items safely, however, should your product arrive damaged, we will replace it if returned to us within the allotted timeframe for that item (see instructions for returning large items below).  We will credit your card or account as soon as possible within 4-6 business days after the item is returned to our warehouse.  If your item was delivered with free shipping, we will need to deduct the actual shipping costs from your refund.  Some items will also be subject to a restocking fee.  You will be notified prior to purchase if an item is non-refundable.

    Large Items Shipped via Truck Freight

    If you decide to return an item that was shipped via truck freight, you must do so within 10 days of delivery.  Most furniture and other larger items are shipped at no additional cost to you via truck freight.  Any return that is not the result of damage will be subject to actual shipping and restocking fees that will be deducted from your refund (we recommend you read information on shipping via Truck Freight prior to purchase- click here).  Simply email us if you plan to return a large item, and we will follow-up with return instructions.  Please notify us if you refuse an item at delivery so we can expect its return.

    What can I expect if I purchase furniture or a larger item that will be shipped via Truck Freight?

    Large items will be delivered to you from a shipping company.  These procedures differ from regular mail deliveries.  If you are expecting a delivery in this method, please keep in mind that you will be responsible for the following:

    1) Additional charges that may apply to some shipments.

    2) Inspecting the product for damage.  The most important thing to remember is that you should not sign a delivery receipt without first inspecting a package for initial outside damage.  If there is obvious physical damage to the package, you must write “Package/Crate shows obvious damage- subject to final inspection” on the delivery receipt.  There is a good chance that the package was damaged on the outside, but that the product inside arrived safely.  After you open the package, inspect the product for any damage.  If you find damage, take photos and immediately call us at 1-877-871-9303.  Concrete Revolution [Studio] is not responsible for damages that occur during shipment, but will help get you in contact with the carrier.

    3) Unloading the package. Remember that with truck freight, the carrier is only responsible for unloading the package off of the freight truck, and is not required to offer assistance to you in getting the package to its final setting place.  You may contact a local moving company for additional services and pay them directly.

    Questions still not answered?

    Please visit our Contact Us page for information on how to get in touch!